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Yvonne Uphoff

In the western world, finding balance of our body and mind is not always on the list of our priorities. We do not give enough attention to our body, do not maintain our body well enough and focus quite often on achievements. Stress, physical and mental strain are the result of the performance-based world we live in. I believe in the fact that a massage contributes to taking good care of yourself and to getting into contact with yourself.


Massaging with attention and listening to the customer is my basis. From that thought, I started becoming a sport masseur. I followed the study to become a sport massage therapist and after that, I retrained at the Institute for massage for cancer. I am also a professional coach, which is an enrichment to my work as a massage therapist.


60 min: €67

60 min: €67
Valid for both types of massages:
for 5 sessions pay 
€300 (60 min)
Because cancer has a huge impact on your life and a lot of side effects, it is necessary to adjust the massage to this. I will align the massage with you and before the first session I will ask you to fill in an intake form and send it back to me. In this way I can adjust the massage to what you can handle in all the phases of the treatment. 1 session will take around 50-60 minutes.
Yvonne Uphoff
Massage Therapy

The massages can be done in your house or at

Beverningkstraat 118, 2582 VK, The Hague

Tel: +31 (0)6 15681361


Dank je wel voor je bericht. Ik zal je zsm antwoorden.

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